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Scholarship Personal Statement Sample

Personal Statement for Scholarship Example

personal statements for scholarships examplesWriting an effective personal statement for a scholarship is anything but easy, and the problem is that I can be so important! Scholarship statements can determine whether you receive thousands of dollars in scholarship awards, or if you need to keep looking. That means that requires a lot of your time and energy if you want to succeed, and there is still a lot of room for error. Writing the statement yourself can be tough, but that is why we provide you with tips so that you have a head start on the competition.

6 Best Scholarship Personal Statement Tips

 Scholarship Personal Statement Tips★  Always be honest – integrity is the best route!
 ★  Be confident – believe in what you can achieve!
 ★  Engage the reader – so they read every single word!
 ★  Avoid undue repetition – be concise!
 ★  Talk in terms of the future – the past is behind you!
 ★  A personal statement – a great first impression!

Scholarship Personal Statement Examples

Personal statements for scholarships examples help you understand a proper format and structure. This is why our team offer you to review this scholarship statement sample and get inspired.

Scholarship Essay SampleGrowing up in a challenging underprivileged area in Los Angeles where gangs and violence ran rampant, it was difficult not to get sucked into the chaos and destruction at a young age. In fact, I grew up as the youngest boy in a family of 7 children, all with different fathers, and my mother worked on the corner to feed her chemical addiction.

My father was not in the picture as I was growing up, because he was serving 25 years for gang related crimes, and he lost his life in prison at the age of 28 years. Three of my four brothers followed in the footsteps of their fathers and ended up in prison, but my eldest brother took a different path. When I was born my eldest brother was 12 years old, and he found an excellent mentor in the community at an afterschool basketball camp program. Mr. M. worked with many of the neighborhood children who desired to take a different approach to life and take positive steps to make changes in the neighborhood. Tragically, Mr. M. was murdered by a neighborhood gang when my oldest brother was 16, and I was just 4 years old. However, my brother was determined not to let his death be in vane, and he took over the program knowing he was risking his own life while still in high school. My brother is now engaged to be married and ready to start his own family, and is soon to be finishing graduate school and moving to another city. My desire is to complete my undergraduate work at your esteemed institution to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and step into his role as a trained and proficient community advocate.

In order to take this journey and keep this awesome community advocate program alive, I am seeking a full-ride scholarship to complete my education. Due to the mentoring from my own brother and the program, I have had the privilege of being involved from a young age. I have been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA throughout my high school studies, and have completed many college courses while in high school. Upon high school graduation in spring of 2014, I will have enough college credits to earn my Associate’s degree, and will just have two years left to complete my undergraduate degree. I am asking to be considered for this amazing scholarship opportunity to continue the legacy that Mr. M. started and my brother has carried forward.

Since the age of 14 years, I have been a youth coach and mentor within the program, and have had the amazing honor of working with my brother to expand the program to other neighborhoods in our area. I know that I can continue to positively impact the community, and earning my degree in Social Work will give me more knowledge and expertise to make changes and reform at a higher level, potentially within legislation and our education system. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for this amazing scholarship honor. I look forward to putting it to good use as a strong and contributing member of society.


scholarship personal statement

Sample Personal Statement for Scholarship

personal statement for scholarshipThe above scholarship personal statement sample is one way to go about the writing, but it all depends what your story is. The most common questions we get involve how to write the personal statement, but there is no definitive answer. The purpose of the scholarship personal statement and a personal statement scholarship essay is for you to tell a scholarship committee about yourself and why you deserve the award, so any way that you can accomplish that goal will be beneficial to your cause. Our professional writers are here in case you are having trouble writing the scholarship statement yourself, and we hope that our personal statement for scholarship sample will get you on the right path.

So if you need a personal statement for scholarship sample or some help, contact us right away!