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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Sample Scholarship Letter

Scholarships can determine whether or not you are able to pursue a degree at a university, so when you have an opportunity to win one of these awards it needs to be taken very seriously. Scholarship applications have many fields that need to be completed, but one is the scholarship letter of recommendation. This is where you give the scholarship committee a letter of recommendation that was written by someone you know, but sometimes it isn’t easy to obtain one of these. You may need to know how to write one, and we are here to help.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

John Johnson is an exceptional student who deserves a financial award as much as anyone I have ever known. I taught John last semester in English, and I was blown away by the work ethic he brought to class every day. Many students just go through the motions, but not John. He came to class every day bursting with energy, and his love for the material comes through every day. It came to my attention that John was having difficulty funding his education, and this made me very sad. I know that John did not come from a wealthy family, and his limited financial aid is set to expire in a matter of weeks. I was asked to recommend John in this letter, but I hope you can understand I am not just writing this to write it. John is a student that every teacher dreams to have, and if he is unable to continue his education it will be a shame. I hope you can consider John for this award, and I can honestly say that no one else will make better use of it than him.
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Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Template

We hope that our sample letter of recommendation for scholarship is able to assist you, because our job is to make your life easier. Our sample is here so that you can see where to start when writing your letter of recommendation, and if you ever have any issues you know that we are here to help. Our scholarship personal statement professionals understand the scholarship process, and with our help you will get the scholarship letter you need so that you can pursue your education. No one gives you a better sample scholarship letter than us!

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