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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Sample Scholarship Letter

Scholarships can determine whether or not you are able to pursue a degree at a university, so when you have an opportunity to win one of these awards it needs to be taken very seriously. Scholarship applications have many fields that need to be completed, but one is the scholarship letter of recommendation. This is where you give the scholarship committee a letter of recommendation that was written by someone you know, but sometimes it isn’t easy to obtain one of these. You may need to know how to write one, and we are here to help.

6 Best Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Tips

 Scholarship Personal Statement Tips★  Always be honest – integrity is the best route!
 ★  Be confident – believe in what you can achieve!
 ★  Showcase best skills – show your difference!
 ★  Avoid undue repetition – be concise!
 ★  Tell about own achievements – in numbers!
 ★  Emphasize the strengths – don’t be shy!

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Scholarship Essay SampleJuly 25, 2014
To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for James Brown, a rising senior high school student that has been working at my company for the past two years. James has performed very well in a fast-paced service setting, and ranks among the most gifted workers I have ever supervised. I recommend him to you very highly.

James has shown an extremely high level of interpersonal ability, intelligence, and self-motivation throughout the time I have known him. He started as a sales assistant, but was quickly promoted to representative because of his intuitive grasp of service concepts and his ability to resolve client issues with ease. His ability to build rapport and working relationships with clients has greatly benefitted our contracts. Although he has told me that he does not desire to remain in the service industry, he has never let that affect his quality of work, and indeed, he has produced better results than most other workers that I supervise. Above all, he is dedicated and honest, and I would not hesitate to state that he has great capacity for leadership. He is a very hardworking individual with high promise, and I believe his intelligence and dedication make him a highly qualified candidate for college studies.

In short, I give James my highest recommendation. He is one of the best sales representatives I have supervised and is a talented worker and person as a whole. James has an ability to work cooperatively with others to resolve issues and ensure project progression. He has a tremendous capacity for independent work and the desire to excel at any task he is presented with. I fully expect him to be as excellent and productive in college as he was in my classroom. He will be an asset to your institution, and I strongly recommend him without reservation.

Jack Jones
Manufacture, CO.
2432 N Bethesda Dr.
Bethesda, MD 23243

Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Template

We hope that our sample letter of recommendation for scholarship is able to assist you, because our job is to make your life easier. Our sample is here so that you can see where to start when writing your letter of recommendation, and if you ever have any issues you know that we are here to help. Our scholarship personal statement professionals understand the scholarship process, and with our help you will get the scholarship letter you need so that you can pursue your education. No one gives you a better sample scholarship letter than us!